Conquering the first week of college! (this one is kind of long!!)

So as I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I’ve recently packed up my things and shipped off to college in a town that I hardly knew existed. At first, I was completely racked with nerves on how I was to survive all by myself with no friends and no ability to do so. I hadn’t officially met my roommate/suitemates (we share a bathroom), I hadn’t made a single friend on campus, and I didn’t no what to expect from the notorious “college professors”.

Not long after moving in my things had I gotten to meet my very first friend on campus and definitely one that I will never forget: my roommate Lydia.

My first impression of Lydia was that she was going to be a girl that I would have to tolerate due to some differences in how our parents had raised us. Boy was I wrong! Lydia quickly became someone that I considered to be one of the people I trusted most- I LIVED with her after all! I came to find that her and I had a lot in common; from how we viewed people and the world to our opinions on the controversial matters in today’s society- I had easily made a best friend.

Soon after classes started up, I ran into a woman named Keely that I had met at orientation and who I immediately clicked. We had only talked a little but I was in no position to deny a friendship with one of the few familiar faces I had seen. Keely is two years older that I and has far more experience with life than I have in my left pinky. After only one week and a LOT of talking, Keely became my first official not-roommate best friend.

Looking back, I wish high school had told the truth about college; it’s hard but not impossible and it’s actually a whole lot of fun. My classes are ones that I actually enjoy doing and have found easy to manage (for the time being). High school tells you that college is something to almost fear, to constantly keep track of in order to succeed. I have found this to be untrue in the fact that college really is what you make it…

Now that I’m breaching the end of my third week here, I feel more confident in my abilities as a college student and in making friends. I understand that I don’t have to rush school or making friends/lovers; there’s a time when everything will just fall into place. C:


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