My Heart is Full of Colors (LGBTQ*)

Recently I’ve decided that I would let my freak flag fly, I mean… why not?

LGBT love

LGBT love

LGBTQ* is short for LGBTQQIAAP (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transsexual, queer, questioning, intersexual, ally, asexual and pansexual) and is a community that is full of people who all share the common goal of human equality. You don’t need to be gay or anything like a lot of people think to be a part of it, allies are a HUGE part of the support system.

A while back I learned that my campus provides an organization that suits the needs of the LGBTQ* on campus (basically the campus GSA) and I immediately jumped in.


While in my alliance, I have made life long friends, memories and unknowingly joined an amazing and ever growing family full of people who I can say will stand with me in any situation.  It’s helped my confidence grow SOOOOO MUCH and has helped me grow in ways I could never on my own; I met my best friend, my supervisor, my mother duck and some cute cats along the way ;D


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