Pajama Pants and Little Band-aids

Personally I’m very, very afraid of doctor’s offices. They are so… white and dull and full of things like tongue pressers and rubber gloves *shivers* ugh… This isn’t a hatred or anything towards the profession, I have a lot of respect towards it, I just hate the idea that I can go in perfectly fine and come out not-so-fine…

And needles.

Today I had to get blood drawn and tested to test certain levels in my body to make sure the are all what they should be- I had gone in because my back was sore.

Needless (haha… looks like needles) to say, I cried like a little hysterical baby. Every time they tried to get near me with the needle I would retch away and yell at them not to stick me. It eventually escalated to me begging them not to stick me which is sad because I’m a grown ass woman. It was only after I had Tori run a mile to the clinic and hold my hand that I even let them put the needle in and even then I only sat there for 3 minutes.

I’m not ashamed though. I faced a big fear of mine and while I’m still afraid of needles, I got through it!

After our prickly adventure, Tori and I went back to our dorm and decided that the rest of that day would be filled with anime, scary movies and played out in the comfort of our pajamas! A well earned trophy for the both of us 😀

Pajama Pants

Tori and My pajamas!


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