American Horror Story and Bridegroom

Today in itself was a glorious but long day. There were conferences for my classes, I got my blood work back and I got to watch a beautiful and sad movie called “Bridegroom”.

Bridegroom is a documentary about a couple named Shane and Tom who were completely and madly in love. They wanted a home together, to be married, to have a family, to have their eternal. On Shane’s side, his family embraced and loved Tom, but on Tom’s side, they shunned and hated the idea of him being gay and blamed Shane for all of it. Gradually as Shane and Tom’s relationship lasted though, Tom’s mother began coming around and getting used to everything and the idea of loving Shane as well. Not long after everything had been turning up, on May 7, 2011, Tom accidently falls four stories and hits the concrete pavement below when goofing off with one of his friends. It was absolutely heartbreaking to see everyone around Shane and Tom be effected by his death and more so to watch as Tom’s family completely rejects Shane and doesn’t allow him to attend the funeral. This movie truly was one of the most amazing ones that I have seen about a gay couple.

Once the movie was finished, it was ALL me and Tori could talk about for a good 30 minutes. We discussed our favorite and least favorite parts while hurrying home to make it back before 9 pm so we could watch American Horror Story: Coven.

All-in-all, everything today was great. The results for my test came back as I thought they would, I got to spend an evening with my AMAZING Pride family, and I got to watch my favorite T.V. show with my best friend. A great ending to a great day.


After a long day of

After a long day of school



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