Your opinions on facebook and you.

Okay.. so…. I feel like if you post something “controversial” publicly on your Facebook page, you should expect to see other people’s opinions on it too. If you post something about how religion is trash, things that you think about politics or even things as simple as a personal opinion of yours, you shouldn’t be offended if someone with opposing views from yours steps up and says something. That doesn’t mean you should be rude or trash talk something just to talk, it means that should your opinion oppose (or support) such ideas, you need to have a valid point with valid proof. Don’t be the person that says “[Insert your argument here] is right/wrong/this way/that way because I think it is and there for it is true.” You look uninformed and, when someone calls you out on the matter and you get offended, insecure.

and remember… some people troll… learn the difference between a playful argument and a serious one.

Just a thought.


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