Car Rides and Gas Station Kisses

So, things didn’t initially go as planned…  Just as my family was about an hour away from picking me up from my college, their car broke down and my friend Cori and I had to drive back and forth from the school to the gas station they were stranded at so I could deliver my things.

It was at that point that I got to meet Jon 🙂 and then I turtled…. The entire car ride back to school I had this goofy ass smile on my face and I couldn’t look at him without feeling like a complete weirdo and what made me more anxious was the drive back to the gas station because it was just us two but after a bit I finally relaxed and enjoyed the drive. By the time we had gotten back and settled in at the gas station, it was already 6 am. My dad had pulled his car off to the side of the convenient store and Jon and I parked in the front and waited for it to open. After that 🙂 we got to have our first kiss… in front of the Diamond Shamrock in Denison, Texas. not the most glamorous place but I loved it either way. The sun began to rise around 7/7:30 and we watched from the window of my car together ^_^

All-in-all that day, Jon and I both got about 2-3 hours of sleep. We had to wait for a money transfer to go through so we could buy a U-Haul truck to tow my things and the vehicle to Missouri and spent maybe… 15 hours at that one gas station just waiting and then another 7 hours driving to Missouri itself. We are back now and officially recovered from our lack of sleep (I slept until 3pm, Jon slept until 6). Can’t wait for what tomorrow will bring! ^_^

relaxation time!!

relaxation time!!


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