He’s Becoming a Whovian…

To start off, I absolutely adore Doctor Who. I think it’s an amazing show and I avidly follow the fandoms and everything (not even ashamed of the fact that I have show merch.)

I wasn’t prepared for my boyfriend to start liking it either and he’s starting off exactly as I did. First it starts out as an “I think it’s okay” kind of attitude to, “I like it” to, “I really enjoy this show” to “let me have AAALLLLLL OF THE SHOW MERCH! I WANT TO MARRY (insert doctor/companion/cast member etc.)” but knowing Jon, I doubt it will get to the final stage… or at least the marrying part.

So far, Doctor Who is all we have watched since we got home and he enjoys watching it with me (: I’m honestly excited to show him my Adipose and my Sonic Screwdriver and my Lego Doctors and everything.


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