Adopting Your Own Kid.

So… if you’ve kept up with my posts, you know that I’ve recently moved to Missouri to be with my dad and my step-mom (and Jon) but the flip side of the whole thing is that I didn’t know of my father until I was 10 years old, didn’t contact him until March of 2013 and didn’t meet with him face-t0-face until November 2013 so its been a pretty wild year… but this post isn’t so much about my dad but about my step-mother, Tery.

Tery is easily one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met and her and I have so much in common. We like the same music, food, movies, same outlooks on things.. there’s just a lot (: Recently Tery apologized to me because she didn’t know if I would take offense to the fact that she’s introduced me as her daughter to everyone which I DO NOT!!! Tery and Ryan are definitely becoming a big part of my everything right now and I was just beyond happy to know that she’s accepted me so fast into a position that is so important and it’s nice to know that I’m in the family tree (and they’re introducing Jon as their son-in-law so he’s there too.)

I really think I’m gonna enjoy myself, just need to get over the culture shock of going from a city/suburb life to a middle-of-nowhere life.


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