Dealing with people.

I’ve not been on in a while so I’ll just update you a bit: I got a job at Walmart as a cashier about 3 months ago.

It’s not been all bad, mostly just a lot of repetition but as the job title implies I do have to take care of, handle and/or deal with customers. As an individual who gets nervous easily and needs to feel comfortable to become even remotely social, this job comes super easy to me aside from some snags. So… here is a list of things I’ve learned thus far on how to deal with people in both the workplace and in everyday life.

  • Come prepared. You will constantly be surprised so just be prepared for anything, good or bad.
  • Not everyone is your friend. They will pretend like they are and you can talk like you are but no, not everyone should be your friend.
  • Don’t get discouraged. Shit happens, people make mistakes. Just keep going because it does work out.
  • Ask for help. You do not have to know everything and no one is expecting you to.
  • Find your center. It sounds cheesy but it helps when you need to refocus.
  • Secure your quiet area. You will always been a debunker after every day, working or not. Its just good to have something that can help you wind down from everything.
  • Learn who you can trust. This goes back to the friend thing, not everyone is nice enough to help you out when in need.
  • Make a friend. Trust me, sitting alone at lunch sucks and sadly I do it more than I want to.
  • Learn to laugh. This one is annoying and can be difficult but its required for a lot of things (especially in retail.)
  • Don’t overthink the small stuff. There will always be something bigger that will come soon after.
  • Pace yourself. Rushing sucks and when you’re sore and you’re handling something it sucks even more. just take your time, you’ll get it soon enough.
  • Always have a pen on hand. I don’t know what it is about pens but its like they vanish; keep one on you incase of emergency or as a conversation starter.

Hopefully this can help.

Just a thought.


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