A little unsettling being a little too careful

I’ve recently been involved with this really great guy that I have so much in common with and I often find myself thinking about him… and when I say often, I mean OFTEN. He makes me feel like I’m funny and I feel kinda comfortable and safe with him which scares me a little. The last time I felt this at ease was when I was with my ex fiance and that was only after a loooong time of being together, not this fast. I’m not rushing into anything, I don’t want to be disappointed should I expect more and don’t receive it but is it wrong to say that I’m falling? I want to know him so much better but I have this overwhelming need to talk to him and to hear his laugh and I want to make him feel like he makes me feel- like I’m home. It’s a little unsettling being a little too careful with him because it’s all I can do not to want to kiss him all over his strawberry goober gingerberry face. I want to stay guarded and I want to be distant, just until I know everything is okay but I feel so eased and mellow… I dunno… maybe this needs to happen, maybe he’s just the guy that I need to click into my crazy and messed up life and family, lord knows he might fit in.

Just a thought.


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