Maybe I was wrong about you- new old friends.

This is a post all about how I re-met my new really close friend, Steven Meyer.

Steven and I met a while ago when he and my friend Marissa got together… since then everything kind of turned to shit. He went a little off the deep end and I really didn’t want to have anything to do with him and Rissa went a little crazy and they both hate each other something fierce.

BBUUTTTT recently I’ve given Steven a second chance and I don’t regret it. He’s a really good friend and a sweet guy anddddd maybe I was wrong about him. He’s turned everything around and is completely shaping out to be this very sweet, very responsible guy who’s got his shit together in comparison to what he was maybe a year ago. I think he’s proof that people really do grow up and change and I’ve never been more proud.

We’ve done friend dates to movies and restaurants and we have inside jokes now, I got to see a shooting star with him, we’ve been to this adventure park… So here’s to Steven, may you continue to be one of the better (and funnier) things in my life.

Steven and I at Eureka Park!

Steven and I at Eureka Park!


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