My last leg

Lately things have been pretty unpleasant and very stressful in my house. My step-grandfather passed last week and so there’s that as well as some pre-existing problems between me and my stepfather. It’s very, very bad right now and its to the point where just looking at me will make him start screaming for no reason (and this is how its been since I moved back home.)

I’ve got nothing left to give him anymore and its going so far as to where he’s threatening me and I’m just at my breaking point. My last leg.

So, here’s to my job for giving me a place to run away to, to my friends for being there for me to vent, to Jon for being the person I can always talk to when I’m alone and to my King Strawberry for putting up with and listening to me about my family and my depression.

I feel like I’m sinking to the bottom of the ocean, my only companion is the anchor tied to my ankles.



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