Living on my last stretch

Money is so TIGHT! With my car out of commission and my health problems becoming more… well… problematic…. things are super, super stressful right now.

I’m so tired all the time and I have no idea what I’m doing besides just pushing the pieces of my life around and seeing where they’ll fit. Complicated situations, of course, arise frequently.

Recently, Strawberry and I were kicked out of my friend’s house (it was just for the weekend so our friend who Strawberry lives with can have alone time) so she could go to a rave and hang out with some people she met there… That was the first thing I read on my phone Sunday morning and she had been trying to get ahold of me since 8:30am (it was like 10-10:30 when I saw it).

I’m just so annoyed by everything lately and poor Strawberry gets the whole of it! Sorry Mas…

I’m just stretching all of my limits at this point and I’m bursting at the seams…


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