Harlee Asher: The Medical Mystery?

Mm… Doctor’s office, my old friend… and how have you been as of the recent? Oh? No changes? how fascinating… Oh me? You should know better than to ask…

Ever since I was… let’s say 14, I knew something was going on inside of my body. Eating certain foods made me sick, it made my stomach hurt but it had never done that before… found out I have IBS. Fast forward to age 16, high school Harlee has missed 18 days of school due to being sick and is being blood tested… fast forward to age 18, high school senior Harlee is being charged truancy for missing 20+ days and had to plead to the school board to reinstate her credits so she could graduate (thank god for the doctor’s notes, parent’s notes and her good grades right?). It’s at this point that she’s been poked and prodded with needles on and off since her sweet 16th year while her doctor tries to figure out what the hell is going on… and then suddenly… Stomach flu, strep throat, stomach bug all within 2 months in which she immediately develops Post-Strep Arthritis… great… (on the plus side, my credits were reinstated!)
Fast forward some more, I’m in college, and I find out about the Hypothyroidism stuff and ANA positivity which means, you guessed it, MORE BLOOD TESTING! Testing, testing, testing, ANA positive again, fun stuff. Now… skipping my time in Missouri where I did absolutely nothing about my health at all, move to April when I’m blood tested AGAIN, my ANA is negative… and my thyroid is normalish but I’d been having problems with my legs for a few years at that point so they send me to a rheumatologist. MORE BLOOD TESTINGGGG and my ANA is negative again but I show a severe vitamin D deficiency and my thyroid is showing signs of thyroiditis… (one side is hyper, the other is hypo) more blood testing… some x-rays of my legs, fun stuff…

Now, I’m 19 year old Harlee… about to HOPEFULLY find out what the fuck has been going on and if these result come back inconclusive… Time for me to meet my new Endocrinologist.

Did I mention by huge fear of needles?


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