The pain, the power and my broke ass.

So, as most of the people who read my blog know, I’ve been living with my mom, step dad and part time with my boyfriend since April. It’s miserable. I hate it, they hate it, Strawberry hates it.. it’s bad. Fortunately, I’ll be moving into a cute little trailer in the heart of my hometown sometime in August and it is slowly coming into play on its own! But then there’s financial blah that just gets in the way of everything, right? I’m slowly… not even slowly… very quickly going broke and as much as I love Strawberry, he’s not helping and he doesn’t have a job anymore.

I owe my father $400 and growing, my car is broken down and I have to replace all parts (which will be about $400-$600 total), I pay my health insurance monthly which is $100, doctor’s shit that keeps going on and on and on and is now up to $400+ AND I have to save for my new home which is about $200-300 monthly all while only earning $550 every 2 weeks… and that’s going to drop to $360 in the next week…

too much…


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