August Engagement???

I still keep in touch with two of the most amazing people I’ve ever met that live in Missouri- my “uncle” Steve and my “aunt” Karen. I love these two so much and they mean everything to me and then some for all that they did for me when I needed help the most and wasn’t getting it from my father. Well, in August, Strawberry and I will be visiting them for their anniversary! They’re already completely in love with him so I know that they will get along great. Karen was saying how she wants Strawberry and I to get married while we are out there so that Steve can give me away and that they can be a part of my wedding and I had to break it to them that Strawberry and I are in no hurry at all to get married and weren’t really planning on it for a very long time and that’s when Strawberry took the phone from me and said that, “not to spoil any surprises, but you guys might see an engagement when we come see you.”


Does that mean what I think it means?


c: all the smiles

c: all the smiles


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