So who is Harlee?

So… I figured it would probably be a good idea to sort of  introduce myself and tell you a little about me since…. I haven’t done that yet. I’ve shared some big moments in my life and you still don’t know anything about what led up to those things so….

My name is Harlee Asher and I’m 19 years old (20 come the end of this year). I’m a Sagittarius :D! I’ve lived in Texas my entire life, give or take some months that I lived in Missouri, and I will probably never leave it again. My favorite color is red but I LOVE every color as well. I’m an acrylic chalk artist, the canvas kind- not side walk. I work for an Asian restaurant and its one of the more favorite jobs I’ve ever had. I’m LGBTQ* (some of my adventure of which are in My Heart is Full of Colors). I have a ginger boyfriend named Mason but I call him Strawberry. I have grey blue eyes. I love art in all forms, its very relaxing for me to do and to see. I love video games, super heroes, super villains, sci-fi, fanfiction, anime… all of it. I live by the motto: “adventure awaits!” and it puts me into a lot of compromising situations but what good adventure doesn’t right? I’m a “medical mystery” so to say. I love vegetables. I don’t/can’t eat a lot of red meat but I try to anyways (I need to stop that too.) I went to college. I dropped out of college. I’m paying student loans from college. I’m going back to college…. Lots of college I’m studying to be a social worker. When I text or message people, I can never send a message that doesn’t have some sort or smiley in it but I hate emoticons. I typo constantly.

that’s basically my gist :3


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