Moved In.


It’s finally happened! Strawberry and I are officially all moved in to our new room!!! I just set up the internet and stuff today so I FINALLY have that (no more going to my mom’s house to update the blog and stuff!!!!!!) and you know what that means!? NETFLIXXXXXXXX (I can FFFIIINNAALLLYYYY catch up on all the new Doctor Who episodes too!!!) On a plus, Mason absolutely loves his new job and he’s going to be getting paid more than me so we will be able to do more things together!! YAY FOR NOT LIVING ON THE GRIND ANYMORE!!!

All-in-all, I’m happy that everything is turning around and after a stressful yet fulfilling few months, we can finally rest easy knowing something is going right and we’re safe.

Side note: Mason and I watched Knocked Up last night and now he wants a baby??? (not right now but its nice to know that it’s an option for the future) and with all of our friends getting pregnant and having babies…. The baby fever is setting in for both of us O_O!!

Time to live vicariously through them for a while :D!