Expect the Unexpected…

Just a thought

So… obviously a lot has changed since I started my blog… I look back and read my posts from a year ago and I can almost see the spiral that sent me down, down, down and off my beaten path. Since dropping out of college, I’ve moved to Missouri to be with a guy that I thought would be my forever… only to have that be finished with after only a few weeks, I learned the value of a dollar with a man I had just met face-to-face that I should’ve known my whole life, I realized how hard driving on snow and ice is (haha, they don’t teach you that in Texas!), I met my Strawberry for the second time and who seemed to make everything a lot better… I wasn’t lonely anymore, I moved back home, moved Strawberry and then moved in with Strawberry and now I’m here… And I really didn’t expect anything like this to happen. I thought my adventure ended back in Stockton, MO with John but through some sick twists of fate… I made it something much more.

I’ve literally given up my future (at least putting it on pause for right now), met my father (for the first time at then-18 years), I met an AMAZING woman that I am very, very proud to call my step-mother, I burned a few bridges, made a bunch of mistakes, developed a hatred for grocery stores <_<, (through Mason) developed a whole different understanding of religion and its effects on a culture and a psyche, re-assured what I really want to do with my life and opened up to the idea of letting someone in that I had heard so much negativity of but they turned out to be an incredibly sweet and easy person (yes Faith, you) and I regret absolutely nothing from this experience…

Sometimes life throws you one hell of a curveball and sure there are some details I’m leaving out for personal measures but.. I’d honestly go back and do it all again. So here’s to you Mas and everyone else I’ve met thus far, you’ve done so much more than you’ll ever know…


Just a thought.


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