Not many of my followers know that for the past two years I’ve been living… like a gypsy. Ever since I moved out, I’ve never lived in one place too long, roughly 5-6 months in each place. It’s not that there’s anything wrong with where I live/lived, my life just has too many things going on at once and staying still is becoming a hassle. I live out of boxes and over-night bags, slowly making my way to finding my forever home and taking all this into perspective, I’ve not had a mailing address or anything for these past 2 years.

Bbbuuuttt then there’s points where I HAVE to leave a location when I’m not ready to, thus leading to the true topic of my post; finding a new place.

In my current place, we’re facing eviction and my best friend going to jail and I’ve got no where else to go. My parents have basically disowned me and I’m not on speaking terms with the vast majority of my family and Strawberry and I struggle to keep off the grind (I will never go back to that). That’s the main reason I haven’t been posting- I just can’t.

My car is becoming my battle wagon in all of this; he’s my get away car, my batmobile, my shelter from the Texas winters and hell’s summers And my only real world ttraveler, wish me luck ❤


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