I’m a firm believer in the idea that beauty is a big part of everything and there will be some self righteous people who say that beauty doesn’t matter or

whatever but let’s be real, you wouldn’t enjoy anything of it wasn’t appealing in some way.

    However, when I say beauty I mean it in an awe-striking kind of way, like how this much beauty (skin or scenery or whatever) can be packed into something so simple and it be absolutely extraordinary.

It’s cheesy but I  love people watching and picking out my favorite thing about each person I pass, be it their smile or laugh or stride- something basic all the while searching for someone who meets my idea of perfection. Something so unrealistic and something so absurd that to find it would be sin in itself; impossible or unlikely.

I always come close and very rarely does everything almost fit together and whenever I find it, I can never stop staring…


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